List of best residential internet for gaming

The new Call of Duty is out and you want to enjoy it as much as possible ?

Fydes is here for you !

Don’t worry, we won’t let a bad Internet connection ruin your kill streak !

1- EBox

EBox was created in 1997 and has distinguished itself over the years with ultra-competitive prices and a very stable internet service. The company has gained so much business in recent years that Bell Canada decided to buy it in February 2022. EBox is also known for its proximity to its customers, as well as its reliability (yes, it is still possible to trust his provider).

Strengths of EBox :

· Competitive prices

· Service and support are reliable

Weaknesses of EBox :

· Prices for a significant consumption are above the market’s most competitive offers.

Best Wi-Fi offers EBox :

· 30 Mbps for 40.00$

· 120 Mbps for 53.00$

· 200 Mbps for 65.00$

· 400 Mbps for 70.00$

2- Bell Canada

Bell is a supplie… well everyone knows Bell, let’s move on ! This option is interesting for you if you are the kind of person who waits all day to be home with your roommates for evening gaming. However, if you ever have a problem with your service, Bell can be take time before fixing it.

Strengths of Bell Canada :

– Best option for an important consumption

– Competitive prices for an important consumption

– One of the best, if not the best connection

Weaknesses of Bell Canada :

· Disappointing customer service

Best Wi-Fi offers Bell Canada :

· 500 Mbps for 70.00$

· 1 Gbps for 80.00$

· 1.5 Gbps for 90.00$

· 3 Gbps for 105.00$

3- GemsTelecom

GemsTelecom was founded in 1993 and stands out for its diversity of residential internet choices. Whether it’s FTTN, cable, fiber optic; anyone can find what they need. We recommend this choice more for occasional gamers who seek stability, but not to the point of breaking a controller.

Strengths of GemsTelecom :

· Affordable prices for a reliable connection

Weaknesses of GemsTelecom :

· Poor customer service

Best Wi-Fi offers GemsTelecom :

· 30 Mbps for 40.49$

· 60 Mbps for 44.99$

· 120 Mbps for 49.99$

· 200 Mbps for 71.99$

· 500 Mbps for 74.99$

Fydes’ choice :

Our favorite choice goes to EBox !

Indeed, the operator stands out for its advantageous prices and its proximity towards its customers.

If you want a personalized accompaniment to find your best gamer provider, go to fydes.ca.ca where we give you in a few clicks the best option for you!

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