When should you change telecom provider ?

Fact: the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication Comission) recommends Canadians to revaluate its providers 2 times a year !

When is the best time to change provider and why ?

1- Seasonal effect

Offers change on a weekly basis. However, we often notice a very significant drop in prices at the end of the calendar year and at the beginning of the summer. In effect, these times are often a time off for people to take advantage of them to do the tasks they push back into their active daily lives, such as re-evaluating their suppliers. Suppliers take advantage of this to make exclusive discounts.

2- La géographie

Offers also vary from one neighborhood to another. Small and medium-sized providers can deliver their services by leasing the infrastructures of major players to target specific areas. An actor can thus deliver his services in the Côte-des-Neiges borough, but not in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

For that reason, as soon as you move in, make sure that your provider serves your new neighbourhood or that its price hasn’t changed.

3- The competition

As we all know, the market is dominated by Rogers Communication, Telus and Bell Canada. The offers of these operators are sometimes similar in order to avoid cannibalism and maintain static market shares. In addition, as mentioned above, large players rent their networks to smaller providers and thus exert pressure on their margins to limit their competitiveness. In mobility, we call these small players the MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators). In regards to residential services, there are dozens of different options available, including 47 furnishers of Wi-Fi across Quebec.

With all that taken into account, it can be hard to compare offers by yourself.

It is for that reason that we started Fydes, the website where you can find in a matter of clicks the best telecom package at any time and for any given location.

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