Top 3 mobile providers for students of Québec 2022 !

Find out who are the top 3 mobile providers for students in Quebec !

You are finally admitted in college and are about to live the 3 best years of your life !

But your student life has a cost…

To minimize the cost and maximize your experience, we have chosen the best mobile providers for student budgets ! Here we go !


Introduction Fizz

Fizz is a subsidiary of Videotron created in 2018. The operator is characterized by its atypical marketing and the fact that it is 100% digital; that is no shop, no customer service, and only a website with a fun customer space to use. Thus, Fizz clearly holds its strengths and weaknesses compared to other suppliers in the industry.

Strengths of Fizz

a) Offers and prices are very competitive

Fizz offers some of the lowest prices in the industry. This has a lot of impact on consumers who have grown tired of being charged excessively by the major players these past years. Offers like $32.00 for 3GB or $36.00 for 6GB are very interesting for moderate LTE consumers.

Despite these very low prices, Fizz has very flexible and customizable offers according to your needs. As soon as you arrive on the website, you can choose the number of GB you need and many other additional options (international calls, voicemail, coverage…). Compared to your indications, the price of your plan varies so that you pay an adequate price for your consumption.

Another unique advantage is the package adjustment. Indeed, you are not sure how much data you need per month? No trouble. Once you have selected an offer that seems appropriate, you can adjust the format of your services later on. This change takes effect in the next payment cycle and is possible as no contracts are required to subscribe to Fizz!

b) Unique customer space
To compensate for its lack of customer service, Fizz has invested a lot in its website so that you have an easy and convenient access to any information. Unlike other websites of big players, we do not get lost between dozens of tabs (s/o Bell). We really feel like that the user interface is ours as we have both an esthetic design with a clear view of our subscriptions, expenses and consumption.

Without human resources in case of problem, Fizz has built a real community of subscribers who help each other. This community is joinable on the forum of its website, where you can find subscribers who are looking for answers to their problems and therefore interact with other subscribers who have been there. You can even find the referral codes of other subscribers and use their discounts, which is more convenient than asking people around to find them.

Fizz also offers a fun customer experience to its subscribers. Indeed, Fizz “gamifies” the user experience with the use of levels. The principle is simple: the more faithful you are to them, the more your score will increase and the more rewards and discounts you will get. And as you’ll see, this is also very unique!

c) Rewards and bonuses are offered

Indeed, Fizz offers rewards and bonuses to their most loyal customers. Whether you consume their mobile services or residential internet, Fizz frequently offers discounts on the invoice, additional data, discounts on the purchase of a device, etc… All you have to do is select them and apply them to your plans.

Also, Fizz allows you to sponsor your friends when they subscribe to their new services. For example, if you sponsor a friend with your referral code, you will both get a $50-discount on your next bill. In addition, if you still have LTE data left at the end of a given month, you can transfer your remaining data to a friend. This last feature is totally exclusive in the industry!

Weaknesses of Fizz

a) The service is low-performing

Fizz has a network that is not very convenient compared to its competitors. In fact, most of the consumption, whether it’s LTE, text messages or calls, must be carried out in Fizz’s network coverage area in Quebec. If you use your data mostly outside of that area for 3 months, they will interrupt your access to the networks of other operators that they use to compensate their lack of coverage.

So if you study full-time during the winter session in Montreal, and you leave to Toronto for a summer-internship, you will have to change suppliers or buy very expensive add-ons.

b) Add-ons are very expensive

Indeed, if you run out of data or minutes of calls by the end of the month, you will have to rely on expensive add-ons. These can be very pricy. We are talking about $8 for 500MB, $12 for 1GB and $20 for 2GB, which, compared to other countries, is the 2nd most expensive GB in the world. So if that happens, make sure you change your plan.

Their pricing can also be a trap in regards to add-ons. Indeed, if you opt for a payment of 0.10$ per Mo of LTE, you would end up with $100 per Go!! Watch out.

Likewise, if you travel abroad and require data, you will have to rely on additions. Even if you opt for Quebec coverage and want to make an interprovincial call.

If you occasionally communicate outside of the coverage area, this consumption will come at a price.

c) No customer service

As you should’ve understood by now, Fizz doesn’t have any customer service. None. Unfortunately, they compensate for that in an inefficient way. With the exception of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and a forum where subscribers interact, you have no support. Therefore, you cannot contact anyone in case of service or billing problems.


Fido Mobile was acquired by Rogers Wireless in 2004 and today stands out as a successful provider of quality LTE at an affordable price. The company benefits from Rogers’ network, which is the best in Canada. However, its customer service is dissapointing, but has the merit of existing, unlike Fizz.

Fido’s main strength lies in its ability to offer a quality network at low prices.

Fido’s main weakness is its customer service.

Fido best mobile offers 2022 :

– 45,00$ for 15Go

– 55,00$ for 20Go

Virgin Plus

Virgin Plus is a subsidiary of Bell Canada and an in-between for Fizz and Fido. In fact, Virgin Plus offers competitive prices with a fairly satisfactory network and customer service. If customer service is important to you, Virgin Plus is your best choice.

The strengths of Virgin Plus are its prices and customer service. There are no particular disadvantages at Virgin Plus.

Virgin Plus best offers 2022 :

– 35,00$ for 3Go

– 39,00$ for 6Go

Fydes’ choice :

For Fydes, Fizz is the best option of the three. Its prices are the most attractive and its online customer space is fun to use. Their lack of customer service can be scary, but that shouldn’t be a problem because the service is reliable and the customer space is full of information well fed by the FAQ (frequently asked questions).

If you’re still looking for the best mobile provider for your needs, head on fydes.ca.ca !

Fydes is the first website that gives you in a matter of clicks the ideal package for mobility, internet Wi-Fi, TV Cable and residential phone.

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