Why Fydes ?


Fouder and CEO at Fydes Inc.

What is Fydes’ mission ?

In 2022, at the dusk of COVID-19, Fydes saw the light.

This start-up is based on the idea that the most suitable communication and entertainment services must be easily identifiable for any consumer.

However, the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) says that one in five Canadians changes providers every year. Whether it’s because of surprise bills, inconsistent service, or general weariness, consumers move from one provider to another in search of the ideal.

That’s why Fydes developped an artificial intelligence capable of identifying in a few clicks the best providers of mobility, residential Wi-Fi, TV Cable and home phone according to your needs.

We have already accompanied 12,000 consumers to help them save up on their expenses and develop lasting relationships with their new suppliers.

That impact is one we want to spread across the world !

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